You became an author because…

• You wanted to make an impact

• You had something to say

• You’ve been dreaming about it since you were a kid

But, DANG...

It's more work than you thought.

It’s not just about writing, it’s about getting yourself and your book out there so you can actually build an audience and sell some books.

The Next 9000 Copies Club is the place where smart, practical authors go to learn what works in book marketing, set goals, take action, build an audience and sell more books.

If you’re an author—either traditionally or independently published—and you want to actually make a go of it, this club is for you.

The Problem

Author marketing is confusing as hell

Too many writers are focused on the latest tactics and lack a sensible strategy. They don’t know how to integrate what actually works into their already busy schedule.

And they don’t know who to turn to for help.

The Solution

It’s our goal to help writers find the audience they need to sustain their career.

Enter: The Next 9000 Club

It's an online membership community led by book marketing coach Sue Campbell. It's for authors who want to actually make an impact and sell books.

You’ll have a book marketing expert at your fingertips helping you overcome your mental blocks around marketing and institute a marketing strategy that actually works.

Our nerdy, wordy MISSION

Kevin Kelly says to be a successful creative person “You need only 1000 true fans.”

While we love the concept, the math is a bit different for authors. We think the world is a better place when writers are thriving, so we want to show you how to get there.

Are you the kind of author we’re looking for?

There's a particular type of writer we like to work with.


  • You are an author committed to doing everything in your power to getting your books into the hands of the right readers

  • You consider yourself a professional who doesn’t seek to avoid the business side of being an author.

  • You want to stop being half-assed about your marketing and make sure everything your doing serves a larger, proven strategy so you don’t waste time and energy that could be spent writing. 

  • You know you have some mental blocks around marketing and you’re willing to look at them, as long you can build true connections with fans and not do anything skeazy. (Did you know that word is actually a blend of sketchy and sleazy? How perfect is that?)

  • You are kind, level-headed, and coachable.

  • You don’t see yourself in competition with other authors, but rather love to build relationships and find win-wins.

  • You are committed to social justice and determined to be part of the solution. (This doesn’t have to be the focus of your books, but it’s the kind of person we like spending time with.)

  • You don’t mind swearing or hearing others swear.

  • You want to surround yourself with people who want success as much you do so you’re constantly inspired. 

If that’s you, the Next 9000 Copies Club could be life-changing for you and we’d love to have you!

Membership is just $149/month

Why aren’t you selling more books?

Some straight talk.

We define a successful author as someone who is actively building an audience and seeing consistent gains in book sales. 

A successful author sets goals and works to attain them, while enjoying their current success. 

Many authors don’t know the foundational strategy of good book marketing, so they spend their precious marketing time trying tactics they read about online that aren’t appropriate for their genre or situation. 

Many other authors are so terrified (or repulsed) at the thought of marketing that they never make the first move—let alone the number of moves it takes to actually make progress.

We can help.

Whatever is holding you back from building the audience your work deserves—whether it’s lack of knowledge, lack of confidence, or lack of skills—the Next 9000 Copies Club has what you need.

We are in it to help you win it.

What Successful Authors Have in Common

At Pages & Platforms, we’ve worked with hundreds of authors over the last five years. When it comes to marketing and writing success, we’ve found what works and what doesn’t.

  • Successful authors are willing to step out of their comfort zone in service of their growth and goals.

  • Successful authors don’t go it alone, they have a team of professionals to help with all aspects of getting the work done and out.

  • Successful authors make strategic decisions.

  • Successful authors act in spite of their fears.

  • Successful authors have systems and habits that allow them to write and market at the same time.

  • Successful authors have peers they turn to for feedback and gut checks.


Joining the Next 9000 Copies Club Gets You...

  • Direct access to Sue Campbell, book marketing coach (personally trained by book marketing legend Tim Grahl) and the Pages & Platforms team at a fraction of the cost to hire us privately.

  • Mindset coaching to help you break through your marketing block and find your “clean selling” approach.

  • Help with goal setting and attainment.

  • Specialized coaching and workshops to get the knowledge and skills you need to market well and avoid wasting time and money.

  • 24/7 access to a community of fellow authors.

  • Access to special expert guests from time to time, including Tim Grahl!

  • Another big benefit: this club is a flexible way to get marketing help when you need it. There’s no long-term commitment. We recommend at minimum a three month membership, but you can cancel your monthly membership anytime. (No refunds, but you can finish out your current month.)

  • Low risk. You pretty much can’t lose. You get the best book marketing help around for a low price when you need it and you can stop anytime for any reason.

Watch Intro Video

Watch the Walkthrough Video

Guidance + small, consistent effort = big gains.

Just $149/month for expert help.

Member Bonuses

  • Your First 1000 Copies

    Digital copy of Your First 1000 Copies (second edition) by book marketing phenom Tim Grahl.

  • Pages & Platforms Book Marketing Workbook

    This workbook leads you through every facet of your book marketing strategy complete with worksheets.

  • Workshop: How to Find & Pitch Influencers

    This three-hour workshop leads you through everything you need to know to find the right influencers and successfully pitch them.

About Your Coach

Sue Campbell is a certified book launch coach through Tim Grahl's Her evidence-based approach to book marketing gets authors both just comfortable with book marketing, but excited about it. Just ask her dozens of happy clients.

She's worked with both fiction and nonfiction writers including Kevin Sands, author of The Blackthorn Key Adventure series, and KJ Dell'Antonia, author of How to be a Happier Parent.

About Pages & Platforms

Pages & Platforms is a women-run company run by and for writers.


To help YOU write the best book possible & find it the audience it deserves.


KJ Dell'Antonia, author of How to Be a Happier Parent

“Sue is a creative force, and she brings with her a wealth of knowledge along with ideas that are tailored just for your specific book and launch, and she’s quick to take an author's glimmer of an idea and run with it. She's also reassuring, responsive and just plain fun to work with. Recommend!”

Gyata Stormon, author of On the Ball

“Sue Campbell provided me with a steady, guiding light through the surprising complicated process of launching a book. The weekly coaching calls, Sue’s encouraging attitude and her fast response whenever a question came up during the week, all contributed to an extremely valuable experience. I highly recommend her to anyone who seriously wants to get their book or upcoming book into the world.”

Kevin Sands, author of the Blackthorn Key Adventure Series

“Sue Campbell helped me set up my email list and content plan so I can start truly connecting with fans. Always professional, she made the process simple -- and painless! Thanks to Sue, I now have a way to reach people who want to read my backlist and will be eager to buy my next book.”

Xina Uhl, author of many books

"Sue Campbell has the ability to get to the meat of marketing fundamentals in a concise, helpful manner. She listens to what you're looking for and responds with excellent suggestions. Not only does she give you tons of ideas for building your writing business, but she emphasizes the principles behind these ideas so that you can be sure you are making the best use of your time and energy. After working with Sue I feel much more capable and even excited to get started on this book marketing journey!"

Kristin Glasbergen, author of Dragon Canyon: Fire of Four

“I recommend Sue and her coaching method to anyone wanting a practical plan to reach readers and market a book.”

Susannah Kennedy, author of Reading Jane

"I learned so much I needed to know about my next steps to getting published. I was skeptical about an online teaching format, but found it very effective and easy to use. In weekly one-hour meetings, she offered concrete plans and advice and structure on outreach and networking, including examples from past students and colleagues, helping us understand what building a network really means and how to identify our unique messages. She is professional and enthusiastic and I will certainly sign up for her next offering as soon as I have mastered what I learned in this one."

Marlene Bumgarner, author of Back to the Land in Silicon Valley

"Sue Campbell guides the new or experienced author through four steps to build what she calls the Connection System. For me this was a whole new way to think about marketing my book. Sue first explained the importance of developing a permission mailing list and identifying our ideal readers. In the following weeks she presented several outreach tools and encouraged us to locate influencers and identify content to use in reader incentives, podcasts or blogs even before our books are published. Finally, she pointed out several ways in which we can turn the potential reader into an actual reader by expanding our knowledge of when and how we can sell our book. It was a lot to grapple with at first, but by the end of the class I understood the relationship between my author platform and future readers, and knew what I needed to do to connect them. I highly recommend Sue for anyone who is writing a book."

Karen Campbell, author of Falling

“The investment in Sue's class was a game-changer for me. I'm another voice of praise for her genuine and relentless help to her students. From the beginning it was clear to me that I was the weakest link in the technological chain. However, now I have a clear overview of how publishing has changed and the importance of having a contemporary platform. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I remain enthusiastic because of how Sue presented the material."

Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal and The Burning Light of Two Stars

Sue Campbell is brilliant, knowledgeable, innovative and deeply encouraging. She makes the fraught business of marketing books fun and fascinating, and breaks down the endless tasks involved in introducing your book to the world into bite-sized, manageable steps. Sue coaches each writer individually, always coming up with unique, creative solutions that fit the book, the intended audience, and the author. I especially love that Sue always gives attention to mindset, organization and the internal obstacles that get in our way. Every time I consult with Sue, I walk away with the confidence that I’m taking the next right step. And her weekly club always provides a valuable community of peers and a grounding touchstone, whatever that week’s topic might be. Sue is a cheerleader in the best sense of the word, and she always stays current with the newest twists and turns in the world of guerrilla marketing. When facing something as intimidating as selling your book in an infinitely crowded marketplace, there’s no one better to have on your team than Sue Campbell. I recommend her highly.

Your Next 9000 Copies Club

The guidance you need to have impact and sell books.

Strategy. Coaching. Feedback.

An inspiring community of fellow writers.  All in one place.


  • When does the content start?

    Upon enrolling, you'll get immediate access to resources and all previously recorded calls. Group calls happen every every Friday at 12 p.m. Pacific time/3 p.m. Eastern. If you can't attend live, you can submit questions ahead of time and watch the replay.

  • What’s the time commitment?

    We’ll have a 1-hour Zoom call every Friday but in addition to that, you should expect to spend about 1-2 hours per week working on your marketing. The amount of time you devote to your marketing will directly impact the quality of your results, but we give you a strategy that will make the best use of your time.

  • How do I access the calls?

    We will use an app called Zoom for the conference calls. You will receive Zoom access details once you enroll.

  • What if I can’t make all the calls?

    All the calls will be recorded and you will be given access to watch at your convenience. You can send questions ahead of time if you know you can't make it. However, I highly encourage live participation to get the most out of the memebership.

  • Do you follow the same model as Tim Grahl of

    Yes! I use many of the same techniques that Tim developed. We'll be using Tim's Connection System, with a focus on outreach. I focus heavily on mindset and have a few coaching methods of my own that are designed to help people figure out what will work for them -- it's not one-size-fits-all.

  • How long do I need to be a member to benefit?

    You'll get value right away! We recommend a minimum of three months in the club to really see some progress on your marketing. Many authors can benefit from an annual commitment.